Many people often ask me what tools I am using to create my projetcs. That's why I decided to create this post about my frequently used stuff. This includes both hard- and software and is not limited to soldering tools. If there is something missing you wanna know or if a link doesn't work, then please let me know.

The links which are marked with a star * are affiliate links. This has either no effect on the product which I have linked for you nor on its price, but by using this link I will get a small provision. 

Frequently asked Software

Well, there are several applications on my macbook which are permanently open. Some of them are always open because I use them every day and some are always open because reopening would take a lot of time :D

Autodesk EAGLE is the application which I am using like every day and which is always open. It has a special window on my mac and it is always reachable through a single slide on my mousepad. Also it is the application which is most asked from people on Instagram. All my circuits and boards are created with it. 

Here you will find it:

Arduino IDE is the software which I use to program all of my mcus. No matter if it is ESP8266, Arduino or ATtiny. Some day I will switch to another environment but my fear about not understanding all the features and beeing confused is still present. Arduino IDE is a very simple environment, but has a lot of hidden features which are sufficient for my needs till now.

Check it out here:

PlatformIO is the software which has replaced my lovely Arduino environment. Just now (october 19) I learned to program with Visual Studio Code and the platformio extension and I was happier than before.

Here you will find PlatformIO:

And here you will find Visual Studio Code:

Autodesk Fusion 360 is an awesome tool which I got to know a few month ago. It is a wonderful tool to create awesome 3d objects or printing files.

Here it is:

Final Cut Pro X is my first choice for creating videos for Instagram and Youtube.


Frequently asked Hardware

Soldering Iron Some of you may are smiling now cause they don't know which one I mean. My hotplate soldering iron or a normal soldering iron. Well, just because this list should be somhehow sorted by frequence of usage my hotplate is at first position. It works pretty good for surface mount devices (SMD) and most of my PCBs just consist of these. As I am trying to create PCBs as small as possible this is a must have.

You will find it here on my website:

Third Hand My newest toy (got it end of December 2019) is this colorful third hand which can hold my PCBs by using four tower magnets which sits really strong on the yellow baseplate. Definitely a great investigation. Already on second place of this list, because I know that I will use it very often!

You will find it here ( (*)

Reflow/Rework Station is great for some components which cannot be soldered with the hotplate. Or if I use PCBs with components on both top and bottom side, because my hotplate is still able to solder one side only. I am using the 852D+ rework station. It consists of a hot air gun and a soldering iron, but the iron is not comparable with any other. That's why I have used it only once. Nevertheless, the hot air gun is still a great tool.

Here you will find it ( (*)

3D Printer Something which shouldn't be missing in a good maker lab. I am using the Creality Ender 2 and it works pretty good out of the box. It is a really cheap printer with a small printing area, but I am not even willing to print such 12-hour jobs. For small cases for my PCBs or some holders this is a really good printer in my opinion.

You will find it here ( (*)

Halfautomated Dispenser Just a half year ago since I started using this tool to dispense solder paste to my PCBs. It is usable with other liquids as well, but I didn't have test it yet.

You will find it here ( (*)

Soldering Iron Oldi, but goldi :) I cannot find it anywhere anymore. It is a very old soldering iron from ELV. There are several others which looks nearly the same but I don’t know if they're comparable to this one. Got it nearly 10 years ago...

Multimeter The Aneng Q1 is a simple multimeter with a nice white-on-black (inverted) display. It works without the standard rotary wheels, just with some pushbuttons. I'm using it mostly for my ultra low power devices because it can measure microamps easily. Another nice feature is that it measures temperature directly with a thermocouple sensor. No need for recalculation or other bad stuff.

This device can be found here (mine was sponsored):

TFT Microscope with WiFi and USB The newer one of my two microscopes (the other one can be found at the bottom of this page). This one is mostly used for checking my soldering joints for several SMD parts. I bought this because the holder of my first one wasn't steady enough to get some good shots. This one has a more precise focus adjustment and is more easy to use when you just want to check something - it comes with a screen and a battery inside :)

You will find it here ( (*)

Or here ( (*)

Some smaller Stuff

Silicon Soldering mat which is a very good underground for some PCB work. It is heat resistant, anti-static and blue ;)

Here you will find it ( (*(

Here you will find it ( (*)

SMD Parts Box to store some commonly used resistors, capacitors, inductors, ics and mosfets... I own these boxes in yellow, black and grey.

Here you will find it ( (*)

Here you will find it ( (*)

PCB Soldering holder/stand is sometimes visible in my soldering videos.

Here you will find it ( (*)

Here you will find it ( (*)

USB microscope which I used a lot in the last times because some of the components got really small... And of course for some cool video shots :)

Here you will find it ( (*)

Here you will find it ( (*)

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